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Welcome to GOSPACE LABS, your partner in cutting-edge R&D services. We are grounded in space technology, yet our expertise extends to solving complex challenges here on Earth. From hardware development and IoT solutions to environmental testing and software creation, we are equipped to bring your most ambitious projects to life.

Our team is adept at transforming intricate designs into tangible, efficient, and reliable solutions. Our portfolio is a testament to our adaptability and innovation. We’ve earned international acclaim, including the European Commission’s “Seal of Excellence,” by consistently delivering smart, efficient, and tailored solutions.

Whether it’s advanced UAV design or bespoke IoT devices, GOSPACE LABS is committed to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. Your vision, paired with our expertise, paves the way for innovation that transcends the ordinary.

url icon Hardware Development

PCB design

Production of electronic schematics and PCB designs including 3D visualization.

PCB assembly

Sub-millimeter soldering precision.

Microcontroller programming

ANSI C and MISRA C language.

RF engineering

Custom antennas and EMC compatibility testing.

3D mechanical design and material engineering

CAD design and prototype production.

FPGA programming

Custom FPGA circuits.

Manufacturing services

From design to delivery of devices.

url icon IoT & Embedded Systems

IoT devices

Tailor-made IoT devices across different platforms.

Embedded systems

Programming of embedded control units.

Communication systems

Services and technologies allowing IoT devices to communicate.

url icon Lab, Environmental and In-process testing

Lab Testing

Rigorous in-house validation.

Harsh environmental conditions testing

Production of electronic schematics and PCB designs incl. 3D visualization.

Process & Control

Process control technology and automation solutions.

url icon Software & App Development

Web-based cloud applications

End-to-end web service development.

Mobile applications

Native Android and iOS app development.

url icon Specialized Technologies

UAV design

Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles.

GNSS applications

Specializing in Galileo navigation system.


Stratospheric Autonomous Landing System Application

Satellite IoT connectivity service

A satellite-based IoT communication solution.

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