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GOSPACE LABS has always been about pushing boundaries, stretching the imagination, and turning dreams into reality. Beginning with deep space explorations and a profound partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), our journey has transitioned to solving Earth's challenges.

Today, we leverage our deep-rooted expertise in miniaturization, long-distance communication, space-qualified electronics, and telecommunication technologies to pioneer the Internet of Things (IoT).

Whether connecting devices miles above the earth or right on our city streets, GOSPACE LABS has always been at the forefront of innovation.

Our Milestones

dot 2023
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Spectrometry Lab Inauguration

Utilizing spectroscopy, we expanded MERATCH's capabilities to detect nitrates, nitrites, turbidity, and pH levels in water, unlocking new avenues for the product.

Top 10 in Brew Accelerator with MERATCH

MERATCH earned a spot in the top 10 worldwide, gaining entry into the prestigious Brew Accelerator program organized by the Water Council in Milwaukee.

Launch of url icon Smart Water Wells

Following our success in the Brew Accelerator and our newfound expertise in water quality testing, we launched a new spinoff from MERATCH—Smart Water Wells. This turnkey solution empowers well owners with real-time water quality monitoring capabilities.

FLOPRES: The Flash Flood Prevention Initiative

GOSPACE LABS signed with the CINEA - European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, as a delegate of the European Commission, a contract for the FLOPRES project - a unique system of forecasting and prevention against flash floods.

Full-Scale ISO Certification Achievement

GOSPACE LABS achieved a significant milestone by earning four esteemed ISO certifications: ISO 14001, 9001, 45001, and 27001. This accomplishment underscores our commitment to quality, environmental management, occupational health and safety, and information security, marking us as a fully certified leader in the tech industry.

TOP 10 in the Challenger AI Accelerator

GOSPACE LABS proudly landed a spot among the top 10 companies selected for the Challenger AI program! This achievement accelerated our AI/ML solutions and expanded our network with invaluable connections to experts, investors, and partners.

Transition to GOSPACE LABS

Marking a decade of innovation, we've transitioned from GOSPACE TECH to GOSPACE LABS. This rebranding marks our shift to an open lab model, inviting collaboration with tech talents to co-create solutions for global challenges.

2nd place in the Global NOVARIUM accelerator in Quebec, Canada

The ports of Montreal, Quebec and Trois-Rivières have joined forces to launch an innovation challenge aimed at finding new methods and technologies for monitoring runoff water. MERATCH won second place and got an invitation to participate in the challenge across the globe.

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2022 dot
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MERATCH Tops Challenger Accelerator

Our MERATCH won the Challenger Accelerator Green and Digital 2022, decided by an international jury of investors and experts.

url icon ParkingAround — Spinoff Launch

Leveraging our deep-rooted expertise in digitizing parking, we introduced a new spinoff—ParkingAround. This end-to-end boxed solution is designed for companies, real estate developers, municipalities, and end-users aiming to have full control over their parking environments.

In-House Innovations with Mechanical Lab

The establishment of our own mechanical lab at GOSPACE TECH enabled us to innovate and create in-house cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

International Recognition in Smart City Solutions — url icon Smart Cities

With MERATCH, GOSPACE TECH triumphed in the International Projects category Chytré mestá, showcasing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge smart city solutions globally.

url icon Water Tech Challenge Victory

MERATCH, with its contactless water quality sensors, won the Aater Tech Challenge organized by the Water Council in Milwuakee, Wisconsin.

Spotlight in Deloitte’s Fast 50

GOSPACE TECH was named among Deloitte’s Fast 50, a prestigious recognition honoring our rapid growth, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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dot 2021
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Achievement of Major ISO Certifications

Secured major ISO certifications in Quality Management, Environmental Management, and Occupational Health and Safety.

url icon MERATCH — Tackling Water Management Challenges

Launched a solution to mitigate the consequences of climate change by monitoring water levels. MERATCH provides flash flood alerts and simplifies groundwater measurement in challenging locations.

Supporting Youth Innovation with Noove

We've opened our doors to a group of high school students, fostering their growth and helping them unlock their tech potential.

Fleximodo’s Global Expansion

Large-scale deployment of our Fleximodo Parking Sensors in Pardubice and AbuDhabi underscores our global reach and adaptability.

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2020 dot
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Leading Innovation in Smart Parking Technology

GOSPACE TECH solidified its role as an innovation leader by developing new, IP-protected technology features for smart parking sensors. These features included engine type recognition, automatic IoT payment, and electronic permitting systems that allow seamless communication between Fleximodo parking sensors and electronic iPermit cards.

Strategic Partnerships with Vodafone & Deutsche Telekom

GOSPACE TECH was onboarded as an IoT solution partner by telecommunications giants Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom. Our "Fleximodo – Digital Parking" solution also received certification and promotion from these esteemed operators.

European Commission’s Seal of Excellence

GOSPACE TECH's Fleximodo project earned the European Commission's "Seal of Excellence," standing out among the top 7% in a rigorous international competition. In 2019, it also received special mention in the Access City Award for enhancing parking accessibility in Chania, Greece.

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dot 2019
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Founding "I Want Smart City" Cluster

We founded “I want Smart City” cluster “ of Slovak innovative companies, promoting Smart City solutions and projects.

Engineering Expansion to Žilina

Our team of Hardware and Software engineers got bigger and expanded into another city - Žilina, Slovakia.

ESA’s SALSA Project Participation

In the SALSA project, we engineered and tested an autonomous landing system for our stratospheric probe, utilizing on-board GPS and motion sensors, a motor-driven gliding parachute, and advanced control software, enhancing safety and reducing payload recovery times.

Pioneering NB-IoT with T-Mobile US

The very first deployment of NB-IoT use case (ever!) with T-Mobile US (Seattle)

European Access City Award Victory

Fleximodo's digital parking sensors and iPermit cards earned the "Access City Award 2020" by the European Commission's Employment, Social Affairs, and Inclusion department for enhancing accessibility in Chania, Greece's smart parking for the disabled.

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2018 dot
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From SPOT to url icon Fleximodo

Rebranding of SPOT to Fleximodo (means flexible and modular) and from a single parking sensor technology to a diverse product line enabling integrated parking solutions.

Fleximodo Shines in Smart City Works in Virginia

Fleximodo joined top global startups that are developing solutions to improve city living, infrastructure, and operations, contributing to the development of smarter, safer, and more efficient cities.

US. Hub:raum tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom

Fleximodo achieved a significant milestone by being selected to join the esteemed Hub:raum tech incubator backed by Deutsche Telekom. This collaboration marked a pivotal moment for Fleximodo, opening doors to an extensive network of tech innovators and industry experts.

Startup Awards 2018 Recognition

Participating in the Uplift Urban Innovation accelerator, Fleximodo was celebrated as a finalist in the FutureNow program, culminating in the prestigious recognition of the Startup Awards 2018.

Slovak-American Foundation Grant

Fleximodo was granted funding by the Slovak-American Foundation, which also ushered in a partnership to contribute to Slovakia's innovation ecosystem, reinforcing the company's role in advancing national technological development.

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dot 2017
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New home at the University Science Park

Relocated to Comenius Science Park University in Bratislava, Slovakia.

State-of-the-Art IoT Tracker Launched

In 2017, GOSPACE TECH introduced a state-of-the-art IoT Tracker, one of the first to integrate signals from GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and the newly operational Galileo satellite network, achieving unprecedented accuracy in real-time vehicle tracking. It's the second product from our Lab.

First commercial deployment of SPOT parking technology

First commercial deployment of our parking technology in Říčany underlines our aim to operate on a global market.

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2016 dot
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Founding Slovak Aerospace Cluster

GOSPACE TECH together with two partners active in the field of aerospace industry, founded the Slovak Aerospace Cluster (SASC).

url icon Fleximodo — Revolutionizing Smart Parking

Entered the smart parking solution market with SPOT (read our story). This laid the groundwork for solving residential zone parking issues and served as the springboard for our two groundbreaking brands in the parking industry — Fleximodo and ParkingAround.

Diving into IoT and Smart City Solutions

Shifted focus towards Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, and Smart Homes.

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dot 2015
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Launching GPS-Free Navigation Project

A new project, currently at TRL-6, aims to introduce GPS-free navigation within two years.

Innovation and Spin-offs Hub

Not just a hub for R&D, GOSPACE TECH is also a birthplace for cutting-edge products. Once these innovations ace the proof-of-concept stage, they enter the real world as independent start-ups and spin-offs, ready to make their mark.

IoT Network Testing via Stratospheric Flights

Launched a unique stratospheric method to rigorously test IoT networks. A tailor-made stratospheric probe is capable of climbing up to 40 km of altitude, communicating over a distance exceeding 700 km while covering a surface over 1.5 million km2 at all once!

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2014 dot
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Contributions to Slovakia’s First CubeSat

During these years, we contributed components to skCUBE, Slovakia's first CubeSat satellite.

National R&D Qualification Certificate

Secured the national Qualification Certificate for execution of R&D, endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic.

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dot 2013
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ESA Certificate & Galileo Satellites Connection

GOSPACE TECH was one of the first teams globally to connect with the first four Galileo satellites. We're also the first company to continuously derive accurate positions from Galileo signals while driving a car!

Fourth-Generation Stratospheric Flights

We developed our fourth-generation stratospheric probe and offered solutions like the Stratospheric Autonomous Landing System Application to the European Space Agency.

Spinoff from Slovak Space Organization

Our journey began as a spin-off from the non-governmental Slovak Organization for Space Activities. The collaboration continued on a professional level.